Artist Residency in Motherhood

Miriwoong country

From August 2016 until my son begins school in 2020, I will be partaking in an Artist Residency in Motherhood (ARIM), a self directed open source residency program for artists who are also mothers. Founded by Lenka Clayton the residency now has almost 400 participating artists across the world.

I began this residency trying to find ways to defy the idea that a powerful professional practice and an engaged motherhood are mutually exclusive things. It’s about trying to make a living and a life through my creative practice; I wouldn’t want one without the other. Elements of this process unfold via instagram — follow me here — and you can also listen to an audio favour I produced for the Favour Economy, a project of audio favours by women in the arts for women in the arts curated by Claire Field and Bronwyn Treacy.

I use brown paper bags alot. I write lists on them weekly and plan my years, make studio signs and have even used them to write a grant contract. I’m collecting these brown paper bags and when this artist residency is over I will bind them into a book, so my son knows precisely what it was that also filled my days.


Early on in my residency this mint began sprouting out the bottom side of my hay bale garden. It has been a source of inspiration — to have the courage to do things differently:


Bread making is another inspiration from home. It gets me thinking about how we classify ‘bread winners’, how we understand the things that make the world go round, and the amazing capacity of simple things like flour, yeast and water, to so radically change form:

Residue on a plate #artistresidencyinmotherhood #damper #breadwinner #domesticlabour #isitart

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Rising #isitart #domesticlabour #breadwinner #damper #artistresidencyinmotherhood


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