Between me and you

Miriwoong country

Between me and you is about implication. And violence. There are memories that ruminate under the grass, no matter how thick and lush we try to make it. They thump under the bitumen. They do this still because they are not solely of the past. These memories are re-produced everyday. We are making them.

This work began in thoughts about the social conditions that permitted Australia’s offshore detention centres and the persistence of a space between my partner and I — a space I don’t know what to call other than ‘race’. A space that makes the town of Kununurra where we live exactly what it is.

These images were produced from enlarged polaroids mounted on aluminium and then collaged with images of twentieth century conflict from around the world.

Hayley Megan French, co-curator of Landing Points, writes:

The coalescing of past, present and future. Tristen Harwood writes of the otherwise possibility of (Tracey) Moffatt’s photographs, presenting: ‘illimitable alternatives to what is, to what exists, to how we inhabit and see the world.’ I see the otherwise possibility of Alana Hunt’s Between me and you. Divinations in video and collage re-produce global memories in Hunt’s local present. Historical figures lurk like ghosts, or shadows, evoking the hidden present, and threatening the future. The invisible social boundaries of her home in Kununurra, on Miriwoong country, are traced by the body, challenging dominant ways of seeing this place. Hunt acknowledges the unease and fury from which this work emerges. These violent histories could be here or there, she says—but they are here and they are ours. And together we sit in the midst of these moments re-produced; as we sit in the midst of more than six-hundred men left behind on Manus Island.



The work was produced for the exhibition Landing Points curated by Hayley Megan French and Lee-Anne Hall at Penrith  Regional Gallery and the Lewers Bequest. Landing Points invited 11 contemporary artists to respond to Tracey Moffatt’s seminal work Up in the Sky on it’s twentieth anniversary. The exhibition catalogue is online here.

Between me and you was produced with the support of Culture and the Arts WA, a division of the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries.