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An activity time sheet


An activity time sheet (2019) is a find-a-word that contains both listed and unlisted words, playing on the paternalism and absurdity underpinning many work-for-the-dole programs implemented in remote Australia.

Download An activity time sheet pdf here.


The work featured in Laura McLean’s exhibition Startup States (Sarai, Delhi, February 2019), which, as Laura writes, “investigates post-colonial legacies inherent in contemporary forms of power exercised through data-driven governance. Through art, artefacts, and archival material, the exhibition explores the colonial origins of systems of biometric identification, registration, and control developed in India and Australia, and their relationship to the technics of state governance today.” The exhibition featured works by Abhishek Hazra, Alana Hunt, Ayesha Hameed, Birender Yadav, Ele Carpenter with Raqs Media Collective, Jason Wing, Karthik KG, Moonis Ahmad Shah, and Somnath Bhatt.

Download Startup States booklet here.

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