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Faith in a pile of stones (onsite, 2019)

Faith in a pile of stones (onsite, 2019)

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Faith in a pile of stones (2018) is a body of work that takes the dam wall at Lake Argyle as a starting point to unravel the casual sense of certainty that underpins the European settlement of Miriwoong Country specifically, and Australia more broadly.


These polaroid photos capture a sign, produced by Alana Hunt and unofficially installed on site at the base of the dam wall, as a kind of subversive intervention pointing to the absurdity of our society's faith in this engineering balancing act.


The grass near the sign, normally full of whispy weeds, became worn down from people photographing it against the backdrop of the dam wall. Installed in 2019, the sign remained on site until 2022.


Each polaroid image measures 8.6cm x 10.8cm


The larger body of work Faith in a pile of stones was commissioned by 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art (Sydney) for the exhibition Temporary Certainty, 2018.


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