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All the Violence Within: Conversations and Correspondence
  • All the Violence Within: Conversations and Correspondence

    The exchanges that unfold within this book were spurred by photographs from works that I exhibited in The National 2021All the violence within this and In the national interest (2019-21).


    While we do not always discuss the images directly they are, in each case, a common point of departure—forging paths to destinations at once specific and expansive.


    Trespassing with David Newry and Chris Griffiths

    Relations with Narelle Jubelin and Diana Wood Conroy

    Gluttony with Mona Bhan

    Impossibilities with Jazz Money

    Tensions with Kush Badhwar

    Wit with Ross Gibson

    Collectively, we speak through agendas of development and colonisation and leisure, coursing through our lives and the places we hold dear. We speak of viruses and airports and tourism, of altered ecosystems and large dams and jinns and police. We speak of gold mines and gravel pits and missed communications, of interminable fallacies and important impossibilities. We speak of simple joys and the beauty of perseverance, of forensic accountability and the value of imagination. In the midst of all these threads and signalled with most urgency, is a persistent consideration of ourselves on this Country.


    edition of 112

    147 pages / hardcover

    published April 2022 by Borderline Books—the self-publishing imprint of Alana Hunt

    design by Inkahoots


    This work has been supported by Carriageworks, Regional Arts WA, and the Courthouse Gallery+Studio.


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