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Surveilling a Crime Scene
  • Surveilling a Crime Scene

    The moments held in this small book are collated from Surveilling a Crime Scene, a film that examines the materialisation of non-indigenous life on Miriwoong Country.


    These threads forge a tapestry that recognises ccolonisation not as history but as a continuous and present violence, one that is deceptively ordinary.


    The book feautres an essay by Fiona Kelly McGregor and has been made on a risograph by Matthew Van Roden at Split/Shift Press, Larrakia Country.


    16.5cm w x 11.3cm h x 1.8cm d / soft cover / 186pp / printed with midnight blue ink


    Published in October 2023 by Borderline Books, the self-publishing imprint of Alana Hunt.


    Supported by the Sheila Foundation's Michela and Adrian Fini Artist Fellowship, the Copyright Agency's Cultural Fund and the Northern Centre for Contemporary Art.


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